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ABMSI selects principal and associate staff on the basis of their individual skills, experience and commitment to customer-oriented problem solving.  We value employees who are creative, technically proficient, self-motivated, and are team players.  We understand that in service markets, superior people mean superior service.

ABMSI staff members primarily serve as contract support personnel for our varied client engagements.  Associates perform on-site contract duties, submit scheduled progress reports, and support special customer requests.


Service Area Experience

ABMSI’s facility support teams work hard to bring quality service and cost-effective efficiency to a client’s business operations.  We look for ways to improve service delivery and project monitoring; and work with our customers to design modern and cost-conscious solutions. Our service product capabilities include:

  • Contract Management/Accounting Services
  • General/Administrative Support Services
  • Warehouse/Transportation Services
  • Reprographics/Mailroom Management
  • Facility-Plant Property Management
  • Telecommunications Plant Support and Construction Services
  • Call Center Support Services

Technology Integration

Where practical or necessary, ABMSI seeks ways to gain efficiency using information or communications management technology to provide a client with greater speed, quality and operational flexibility.  Technology investment and competency, coupled with customer feedback, often enables us to initiate systemic and service level upgrades that improve overall performance, while proving to be fiscally responsible, as well. 


Teaming Strategy

Pragmatically, ABMSI seeks to establish corporate teaming relationships in either prime or subcontractor roles.  We seek relationships with companies that complement ABMSI’s existing areas of expertise which in turn provides added benefit to our clients.


"AMBSI delivers high quality and performance results every time and assist us with personnel management and facility maintenance"


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We are a dynamic support services company driven by its commitment to the highest standards of quality, customer satisfaction, employee growth, and a culture that reflects our core values.


ABMSI functions as a value-added provider of facility and mission support services. Whether it's managing an on-site business operation, reducing capital expenses, or redirecting internal resources, ABMSI helps clients meet tomorrow's management challenges today.

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Suite 370, Largo MD 20774
Tel: 301.773-5901
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Email: info@abmsi.org